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Amanda Weygand

Mixed Media Artist





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Amanda Weygand

Amanda Weygand is a mixed media artist based out of Ottawa, Illinois. She is the owner of Open Space Art Gallery and Studios in Ottawa. It is a contemporary art gallery showing Illinois based artists. The studio area is behind the gallery and a place for artists to create and learn. We host classes to the public in all mediums. It is a space for artists and art enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Open Space has become an essential community art center in LaSalle County. She works mainly with photography and acrylic or oil paints but has a strong love for sculpture also. 


“My work explores the relationship between the human and the natural world. I’m influenced by ideas about what happens when one lets go of materialistic objects and begins focusing on the soul and our oneness with nature. Focusing on the positive feeling you get when the boundaries between self and the rest of nature dissolve and a seamless connection is formed with one’s surroundings.”

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