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Practical Tips for Supplementing Your Income as an Artist


If you’re an artist or crafter, you probably already know how challenging it can be to make ends meet when you’re relying solely on your creative expression. The good news, however, is that there are now more resources and opportunities than ever for artists to make extra income, whether through their art projects or unrelated jobs. Here is some practical advice for artists and crafters who are looking to bring in some cash!


Become a Freelancer

Let’s start with some essential steps you should take if you want to turn your artistic endeavors into a business:


  • Create a business plan that outlines the types of work you will offer as well as your strategies for growing your company. 

  • Registering your business as an LLC brings tax advantages and flexibility. Look into how to start an LLC in Illinois to ensure you file all the necessary paperwork.

  • Develop a brand that will become synonymous with your works. If you’re strapped for time or are overwhelmed by the prospect of creating your own branding, you can find branding services online. 

  • Build an online portfolio that reflects your brand, describes your work, and showcases some of your best projects. 

  • Start finding your first clients! Looking to online job boards, tapping into your professional network, and offering strategic pro-bono projects for well-established organizations can help you get going. 


Use Your Art in Other Ways

Besides monetizing your artistic works, you can use your talents to bring in cash through other methods: 


  • Sell your work on social network platforms like Instagram. Building your follower base will increase demand for your art, which will enable you to sell for higher prices. 

  • Think of other products you can sell in addition to your art. For instance, you could offer T-shirts, hoodies, journals, mugs, greeting cards, and home decor on your website and social media accounts. 

  • Teach art lessons online and/or in person. 

  • Start writing a blog that provides your audience with regular posts related to art. You could provide tips and tutorials on technique, review art supplies, interview local artists, talk about your journey as an artist, and much more!


Get a Side Gig

You can also make money as a creative through ventures that have nothing to do with your art. Here are a few flexible side gig ideas:



See, you can make money without giving up on your artistic and crafting dreams! Consider the ideas above as you devise a plan for supplementing your income, and keep honing your craft so as to grow as an artist every day. By having more money in the bank, you will have more breathing room for expressing yourself without stress!


Open Space Art Gallery & Studios offers art classes, private lessons, and private parties. 



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Hannah Simpson

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